Jenni Buczko, MA, LPCC


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor  #LPCC5159

Masters of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology

My passions include fostering healthy relationships and finding ways to live more embodied and fulfilling lives. There is a saying that “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” I personally know what it is like to “suffer” more than is necessary.  I have chosen the counseling profession because of my desire to improve and grow in ways that will help me lead a full, joyful life.  My hope is to be a facilitator for others to do the same.  Sometimes we suffer more than we need to. But it doesn’t mean anything is “wrong” with you– we just never were taught how we can do things differently. This is why I personally love therapy. We get to learn what we were never taught when we were younger.

As a graduate of the Somatic Counseling Psychology program at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, I offer a holistic and unique approach psychotherapy. “Soma,” Greek for “body,” refers to the body-mind connection innate in each individual. Somatic, or body-inclusive, therapists are trained in integrating the wisdom of the body into the typically cognitive-based mental health field. I am trained to listen and observe not only what your verbal dialogue is communicating, but what your non-verbal dialogue expresses as well. This approach offers a deeper level of awareness and exploration that may be missed otherwise.


I have provided counseling services to university faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

I was been a Mental Health Clinician for Mariposa County for over 3 years, was the Program Coordinator for starting the Wellness Center, and provide Wellness Programs and Counseling Services in Yosemite National Park

I have worked with youth in Sacramento as a Mental Health Clinician and with college travel program while they explored India.

I have also interned with Boulder Youth Body Alliance, a high school peer advocacy program promoting positive body image, healthy self-esteem, and preventative education for disordered eating and self-harming behaviors.

I have worked with adults and youth in wilderness programs, have been a rock climbing guide at The Women’s Wilderness Institute in Colorado, and worked four years as a Park Ranger in Yosemite National Park. I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, biking, “hammock-ing” and the creative arts. I am also an artist, painting with dyes on China silk.